Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bye Bye Crib :(

Yes, Its true...LT is no longer in a crib! Tuesday night was his first night sleeping in his bed all night! We bought the bed monday and put it together but LT wouldnt sleep in it so at about 3 am we put him in his crib. So we tried again on tuesday and it went very well! He only got up three times to come in bed with us but after us telling him to go to bed for the third time he finally fell asleep. Then lastnight he went to bed at 10 and slept in it all night until 7, he came in bed with us and about twenty minutes later he started falling asleep so he got up and went to his bed and stayed in there til 9:45!! And just a second ago he says nite nite and went in his room to watch cartoons and fall asleep! I knew he was ready for a big boy bed! I wanted him to have one the first time he climbed outta his crib but we waited til now. Hes doing pretty good considering hell be 2 in four months!! Im so proud of him but then again im said bc hes growing up :(

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Sucky ass weather!!

so it has been raining over here for four days straight, and more to come! Everything surrounding us is flooded!! The childrens museum that is like three minutes walking distance from the house got flooded! Our canal which is usually close to being dry is over flowing! I just looked on the news and all the rain that titusville and everything farther south was supposed to get is now coming RIGHT at us! so now im freaking out! Tony is going to get sand bags after work today and we are rearranging our boxes on the porch incase we get flooded! So much for our drought right? Now they are saying on the news we have to limit our toilet flushing and use of the washer bc the systems are going to over flow and back up! Thank god we are going outta town this weekend!!! Sorry some of the pix are blurry!

a parking lot off nova

i feel so bad for these people who live in these apartments!!

these cars are parked on the side of the road bc they live in those apartments

this is international spdwy and Nova- the main roads in daytona

the park by our house

the park

Orange ave....towards the ghetto

this is our canal which is usually close to being dried up

This is the parking lot of the childrens museum, walking distance from our house

this is South st. The street you take to walmart

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

another friggin day in slutona beach

drama still lingers in the air. I havent spoken to tonys family since saturday night and i dont plan on ever talking to them EVER. So now im thinking alot about how great our life will be when we move over by my family. Itll be great except for I know tonys going to want to visit his family and stay weekends with them just like what we are doing now with my family. This is the part im dreading...I of all people dont want to stay with his family idc if its for one night i refuse to do it. I just hope that he understands where im coming from! I dont expect him to disown his family bc his sister is a toothless bitch face but she tends to get everybody wrapped around her fingers. Shell be the favorite child bc tony moved away and heaven forbid we stay a weekend and her spot from number one goes back down to number two. Shes a needy bitch and if no one is catering to her needs all hell breaks loose! Especially when xmas time comes around OMG bc she will be there for the family dinner and what not, so it looks like im staying with my parents while he goes to see his family for xmas. I will probably have to remind him why i dont want to be around his family and i hope he understands! ah this is all mind boggling! but anyways im looking forward to going to my moms house this weekend. My dads picking me up on friday and we arent leaving until the last second on monday lol. I already know i wont want to come back bc the freedom away from his family will feel so awesomely great that ill want to stay lol. Oh well im gunna eat some ramen noodles YUMMY!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Drama seems to find its me!!

My god im so over everything here in daytona. Have you ever wanted to just run away and curl up in a ball and just prey that things were different? Thats how i feel right now sort of. Ok so heres the scoop. Tonys sisters bestfriend (ashley) is a whore. I apologized to her like six months ago for judging her based on her lifestyle. well we were all cool then one day she starts feeling up on tony! And shes obsessed with him. shes always at the family gatherings and she takes like nine bazillion pictures of just tony- and some with her in them. Tony said something to amanda bc i didnt want to start drama and well drama started. Tony said something to his mom and his mom dis-invited ashley to the huge easter party. Amanda was extremely upset and was a bitch to me the whole time. Now shes saying that i need to get the fuck over it and blah blah blah and now whore bag is wanting to kick my ass. OK HOW THE FUCK AM I IN THE WRONG? IM NOT THE NASTY FUCKING CUNT FEELING UP SOMEONE ELSES MAN! if it would happen to amanda she would want the whole fucking world collapse! But for once its not all about amanda and she cant stand it! And im so over her! I dont EVER want to see her again or speak to her again. shes a fucking bitch in my book and i hope tony gets a job in tampa so we can move away from all this stupid bullshit! How the hell does amanda figure im trying to come in between them? They have ABSOLUTELY nothing i want! What could i want that they have? Government housing? FUCK NO!, 13 abortions? HAHA NOT SO MUCH! Aids, Gonorrhea, Herpes? AND AGAIN NOT SO MUCH! fuck you stupid lame ass bitches and your nasty STDS!! Im out!

Friday, April 3, 2009

LTs 18 months old!!

so im really sad that in six more months LT is going to be 2!! where did time go?? It seems like just yesterday he was learning to crawl! So this month we are buying a potty chair and we are giong to start the training process. Dr. Jeanty says to get him familiar with the potty chair but not to force him into using it. Hopefully things go smoothly! Yesterday we got his 18 month/ easter pix done and it was hilarious!! he loved the bunny! he jumped on its back and was pulling its tail then when his session was over he grabbed the bunnies hand and was pulling her over to a chair so he could sit by her lol. It was funny!

isnt his shirt the cutest??

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

ah its been forever!!!

I need to start remembering to start blogging lol! Nothing too much going on here. Same ol shit different day. Work sux i only work..once a month! Lately ive been sick in a way. I have no appetite, no energy and i cant sleep. I feel hungry all the time and when i eat i take a bite and feel full. Then the other day at work i got light headed and about passed out again (thats like the third time its happened) so i finally made me a dr appt. Hopefully ill get my "issues" taken care of then i can start looking for a more permenant job. Im only sticking with sears bc i have time to go to doctors and if i get another job they may not be as flexible as sears. so we will see how things go after the 9th! LT is getting huge he had his 15 month check up on monday and he weighs 24 lbs, hes 33 inches long and his head circumference is 18 inches. Hes at the 60th percentile in his weight, 90th in his height and 50th in his head lol! He has a bit of a rash and the doctor thinks it might be from his diapers so she gave us some kick ass cream! i used it three times and his diaper rash is completely gone! that has never EVER happened!! Umm theres really nothing else going on over here, LT went swimming today cuz it FINALLY warmed up! Well i have nothing left to say!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas 2008!!

So the 22nd we had our first annual christmas party with tonys family at our house! wasnt as stressful as i pictured it to be. The kids played outside all day until it was time to open gifts. LT had a blast playing with all of his cousins. He got some really nice toys, mostly trucks and cars! Then this morning was our christmas cuz we are leaving for my moms this afternoon. LT gets the point of opening paper lol he realizes that hey theres toys under this paper stuff lol! He really enjoys his zebra ride on toy and his trains. Tony has to work today until 2ish and hes gunna do an oil change on his truck before we leave. Then we have to head out!! So whats my new year resolution?? Cleaning LTs toy boxes out!! He has enough new toys to replace the old ones especially after we get back from my moms!!

LT opening his present!! All the presents made our tree look tiny!! I can only imagine how my moms tree looks cuz she has a little palm tree as a christmas tree!!